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Dolling 101

Dolling 101 (AKA Dolling For Beginners!)

Butterfly by randomtenso Etrange arum by Ellana01 Girl base by Georg-bases
Hello, welcome to Dolling 101! We'll be going over all the basics that every beginner doller should know. There's a lot, so let's get to it!

Lesson 1: Terminology/Vocabulary

:bulletpink:What is a Doll?:bulletpink:

:bulletpink: It might help to begin this article by telling you what you're reading about! A doll, or as we call them on DeviantArt, Digital Dolls, are small graphics, usually pixel-art, of people and characters. People create these by taking a base body another person has made, and creating art on it - designing clothes and hair, and turning the blank template into whatever kind of character they can imagine.

I will go over dolls more in detail, but that's the very basic description. Please, read on!

:bulletpink:What is a Base?:bulletpink:

:bulletpink:Bases! You're probably familiar with this term. That's right, those pixel line-arts of bald/naked people that you draw on to create your own character. That's a base! A base can include hair, extra poses, or optional clothes to get you started.

But getting down to the basics, they're exactly what they are - a base! Think of the definition of 'base'. The base of the house is the bottom (the main support structure). The base of a doll is... the body! The base.
...Read More!

ArentYouADoll has some super helpful dolling tutorials and resources to get you on your way to becoming an amazing doller! :excited:

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Dolling Info Links

Pyrochan Explains It All
Dolling Dictionary
Dolling Info Catalogue
Dolling Acronyms
Dolling A~Z
Dolling and Bases Explanation by Gwen
☆★2012 Project Educate★☆
Base and Doll Category Explanation

New to dolling and have a question you can't find the answer to? About frankendolling, crediting, tracing, or just 'whose base is this!'? Feel free to ask me ;u;!

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