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PE - All From One Base

Sun Jun 17, 2012, 10:21 AM
A little under a week before Dolling Week began, mariiiis-dolls sent me a note with an amazing idea...

"Many people don't think dolling is very difficult, because we use premade bases and therefore don't put much effort into our dolls....But we do.

How about choosing (or creating, even though it's very spontaneous) a base, and a few dollers with diverse styles who should use the same base? Everyone would doll in their own unique style, to show that bases are more an inspiration, a point to start or a kind of 'collab' with the base maker, rather than a crutch? Maybe even a small description about the techniques the dollers use, technical details (like colors, time spent and so on). Dolling can be much more than using the base because 'we're lazy' - we use bases because we want to work with different styles, and combine styles of our own with styles of the base maker to create unique work.

mariiiis-dolls happened to be working on a base of her own, and once it was ready enough for people to use, we gathered as many dollers with their own impressive, unique style and asked them to help us with this project. I sent out the note including all the details and the base on the 6th, which didn't give people much time to work on the dolls! Many dollers spend weeks on a doll, coming up with the concept and sketching out ideas.

The following dolls are the outcome of this project! Not only have people created wonderful and diverse dolls, but they've managed to do so on a limited time-frame, making them even more impressive. I am honored to be in a community of people who are willing to get together so quickly, pulling together like a family. So many different dolls have been inspired from the same base, and we hope you can appreciate the hard work and effort all of these dollers have put into them, just as much as we do!! I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this project and helped make it successful, and especially mariiiis-dolls for the amazing idea!

:icon1995runaway:'s Elven Mother by 1995RunAway
Technique/Walkthrough: Step-By-Step by 1995RunAway
"-I guess I started with picking out the pose that suited my eyes best first since I didn't have a solid idea what I wanted to do, I flattened the colors, made the outline red, and the rest white.
-I then edited the head shape and sketched out my face. Then I took a break while I thought up the concept I wanted to go with, I decided to do something fairy or elven so I worked around with big elaborate and pretty hair, and simple but elegant (In my opinion) clothing.
-At that point it was still too boring so I sketched out the pose for a snake, a butterfly on the finger and that did it for me so I went onto the next step.
-I started working with colors, and I got the outline of the clothes, snake and everything else smoothed out, I made the hair a flat color as per my style of shading. I decided that her right hand looked to bare so I put the orb there.
-After that I started shading the skin and face, getting more colors placed and a firmer idea of what I wanted. Once the face was good enough and the skin was started I started doing the hair, pausing now and then to work on the skin or the shirt folds and get the butterflies design right. Then finished the hair.
-After that I added the shoes and did more work on the skin, and got where the folds for the bottom bit where going to be down.
-And I kept working, I didn't finish any one thing at any time, just kept working and tweaking all the bit's until it was mostly done then I sat back and decided what to do with it, because the colors weren't anywhere near as appealing shaded as they had been flat.
-So I changed the color pallet of the shirt and changed the shoes, by the time I was done with those two things the rest of the doll was done so I waited a bit to see if anything else needed tweaking, Then put my copyright on and uploaded.
:iconaerieyena:'s Project Educate Doll by aerieyena
"Basically, I used the base as a guideline for the body I drew in. I pulled an arm from one the base poses and added it to my sketch then drew in the face. I applied flat skin colors and some details to the face. I drew hair, scrapped it, then drew different hair. I did the same for the clothes but I didn't put all the original drafts in the image. Then I shaded the hair and clothes."
:iconastanine:'s Raika by Astanine
Technique/Walkthrough: "1. Open up MS Paint, decide which pose I wanted to go off of, clear the base of all shading, and find temporary color palettes (usually at KawaiiHannah's.)
2. Redo entire face, using the one from the base as a reference. Usually just finish the shading on the lips, nose, and eyes at this point.
3. With the pencil tool, I sketch over the entire thing. Figure out that I want her arms crossed, so I make that edit (hands were originally on her hips). I use the darkest shade of the palettes for each clothing item (makes it easier to differentiate later). I also figure out if I'm going to include a background or not. Couldn't think of a good one for this doll.
4. Refine the lineart until it's as it's finished. Well, not finished, as I often make small changes when shading. But, you know, close enough to done.
5. Fill with temporary colors and start shading (darkest shade first). I usually do 2 colors for shading (on clothes; skin and hair get more), so 4 all together (base color, 2 shades, outline). I sometimes dither, but did not think it fit well with this doll.
6. Open up Paint Tool Sai and make my own color palettes. Go swap the temporary colors for the permanent ones. Go back to Sai to adjust any colors that don't have enough contrast or don't look right.
7. Add extra details and patterns. I didn't want to overload this doll with a bunch of extra details, so she just got the wraps on her legs and the pattern on her robe-vest-thingy. I used to use pre-made patterns because that was easier, but now I do all my own patterns because it makes it look more natural. I can make it flow with
the clothes and folds and whatnot.
8. Take it to Photoshop and make the background transparent.
9. Upload to DA, credit the base-maker, and all that jazz."

:iconbanished-dreams:'s PE: Truest Aim by Banished-Dreams
"- Select the base, and white out all of the shading. I usually like how a base is shaded originally, but it helps me add my own style to the doll by shading everything myself.
- After that, I leave the head bald and start outlining the doll's clothing.
- I shade the skin underneath the clothing outline and start smoothing out the skin's outline with a very basic anti-aliasing method. I'm still learning the basics of anti-aliasing.
- Add on some accessories and edit the face a little at a time.
- Start shading the clothing. I started shading her armor first, then her dress and bracelets/anklets.
- I used my striping method to add the green designs and seam details on her dress. The tutorial for this method can be found here: [link]
- Added on details such as an onyx in her bracelet, wings on her anklets and stitching in her boots and dress.
- Shaded the hair and edited the face some more. Also used anti-aliasing around the hair's outline.
- Edited the hand a little and added the bow. Anti-aliased some more!
:iconbatty-mcbats:'s I can take anything you throw at me by batty-mcbats
Technique/Walkthrough: Progression by batty-mcbats
:iconbreebles:'s Timeless Beauty by Breebles
Step 1: Choose the pose. Opted for the swing one but I started without the rough sketch of a swing Mariiii provided.
Step 2: Sketched my own swing (wrongly you will see) and moved on. I used my tablet and the brush to sketch.
Step 3: Sketched out some rough idea for a pretty dress. She was supposed to be like a goddess shimmering in the moonlight when I sketched her. Notice, sketch eyes have pupils :|
Step 4: Once I had my idea, I hid that layer (each step has been its own so far) and whited out the base. I don't use outlines more often than not these days, so almost always I have to reshade the base anyway. But I find I also don't like the way most people (Anyone but me, really) shades skin ;D Stylistic choice, man. I've found when I try to do face edits, though, I always make the faces really wrong for the base, so I've begun to keep the proportions of the face even when I'm editing it. That said, I mark the pupils, nostrils, and center of the mouth when I clear out the shading.
Step 5: I start with a face edit, because it usually sets the tone of how I shade. If I use an outline on the face I usually keep an outline around everything but the hair. In this specific case, the irises weren't cooperating, so being a butt, I whited them out for kicks and kind of fell in love with her creepy eyes and creepy skintone I was using (I rarely shade in the palette I'm going to keep. I tweak after.)
Step 6: After I shaded the face, I shaded the rest of the body. Because I intended on covering her entire body with a dress, I only shaded her bust and arms. Normally, especially if it's form fitting clothing, I try to shade the entire base first, just in case something doesn't work or I get stuck on how the shading should be.
Step 7: Normally I shade the hair first, but for this doll, I started with the dress because it was the focal point. I didn't intend on keeping the blue, but I was vetoed on changing in :|
Step 8: After that I cheated and shaded the lace by using the dress palette to recolor her arms and chest, cut out the pattern, and changed the layer blend mode to overlay.
Step 9: Next was the wood swing, at which point I realized I messed up the sketch of her strings.
Step 10: Get upset and avoid her for three days because she wasn't working now. She looked like she was swinging when she wasn't. Her feet are planted on the ground, which is why nothing is moving.
Step 11: After I took a break from her, I was able to sit back down and finish her. I skipped the strings, did her cloak and hair instead. They were pretty easy. Her hair isn't my normal shading style, but no doll's hair is every the same technique. It varies on the size of the hair, the base, the overall style of the doll.
Step 12: Finally, I added her strings and decided they were spider's silk. I added spider webs at the base and then decided to cover her in webs. This fixed the "she looks like she should be moving but she's not, but we don't know because her feet are covered" issue. To do the webs, I shaded them in a white palette (I stole the palette from her eyes) and then dropped the layer opacity to 50% to get a translucent look.
Step 13: Call it done, save it, and upload.
Step 14: In two hours, see all the little flaws I should fix but can't be arsed to.

:iconcitysorrow:'s It's Not So Bad Down Here Underwater by CitySorrow
Technique/Walkthrough: "Like a good portion of my dolls, I started by taking all the shading out of the base, face included. Once I figured out my concept I then began editing the pose (in this case, I chopped off the bottom half, thickened the body a little, and made different arms). Next comes outlining, then shading last (I go from top to bottom when I work). My style is a tad sketchy and tends to change a bit with every doll I make. When I doll, my main focus is to take the base I start out with and make into something completely my own. Once I've accomplished that, I can feel satisfied."

:icondnya:'s Doll - Logan Hart by dnya
"Step 1: Edit the absolute shit out of the base, making a pretty lady to doll on. I can't help myself when it comes to base edits, I do it to my own bases as well. I'm like 'welp, time to doll, what base should I mutilate today?' u_u And like that.
Step 2: Get stuck on clothing, get talked into making a dude for the project, start over at step 1.
Step 3: Pixel clothing outlines, get distracted screw around on the internet for a while. Watch other people doll.
Step 4: Pixel the hair, with an audience because I know if I don't have one I'll never get things done. Yay for self-inflicted peer pressure!
Step 5: Shade the clothes, avoiding the shoes like the plague because shoes are evil.
Step 6: Edit the shirt palette, because instead of light blue I ended up at "trying for white, but failed at it", and that's not a good look.
Step 7: Finally do the shoes, four times because fuck shoes.
Step 8: Redo the skin palette, because the character isn't nearly as pink as the skin palette I was using, and it was looking washed out against the dark clothing.
Step 9: Add stubble, in the cheating-est way possible: adjustment layers and a 50% opacity brush.
Step 10: Post to interwebs.
Step 11: (Optional) Feel kinda guilty that the doll doesn't have a tie, when ties are sort of the character's thing.
:icondiscombobulates:'s callista by trollscarlet
Technique/Walkthrough: Process!
:iconblackfyrevalyrian:'s :thumb307673028:
"Step 1: Selected a base out of Mariii's WIP.
Step 2: Edited the face a bit
Step 3: Did a hell of a lot of different outfits
Step 4: Admired some of the other Project Educate dolls and decided I wanted to do a more personal thing. And got annoyed because it was brought up in dollchat and now everyone is doing a PE doll |:
Step 5: Decided on one outfit and sketched it out
Step 6: Base coloring on the dress and tights
Step 7: Changed the shirt color about a billion times
Step 8: Got more irritated because of random people joining in on PE and ignored dA for about three days while trying to figure out how to finish it.
Step 9: Finished the shading on the dress and tights
Step 10: Sketched out the hair
Step 11: Reshaded under the hair and clothes on the skin
Step 12: Finished the hair
Step 13: Added accessories and lace on the stockings
Step 14: Ignored it for a few hours and came back to it
Step 15: Decided that I liked it and posted it on dA
:icongrangerpixel:'s The lonely ghost by grangerpixel
Technique/Walkthrough: Progress for ghost by grangerpixel
"The first thing I did with this base was go straight to erasing the face and skin, leaving it blank. I created my own eyes, nose and mouth, obviously editing so it fits the character’s personality. Next, I spent a lot of time editing the body. I went with three different edits of her waist, how the legs would merge together and how long the tail would be (all outlined and done by mouse – no curve or straight line tools used) and decided that the third one was more pleasing. I also thought the arm on the original base looked a bit too long for my taste so I simply shorten it, as well as hiding the other arm behind the character’s back. Next I went to add the colors for the face, and shade. Hair, shade. Body, then shade. That is essentially how I work, usual time frames for each part of the body takes about an hour or two+ (A lot of it is choosing colors that look well together, things can blend really well and how to make it look somewhat ‘soft’).

The time I spent on this doll was probably about 5 hours, most of it was spent on the hair (trying to make it look as light as possible) and shading face/eyebrows. Although I cannot recall how long I spent, I do know I spent two hours on the hair, using many different techniques until I tried to keep it simple. I honestly can't get too deep into what I did because it was pretty simple! Once you get used to working with stuff like it it because such a piece of cake!
:iconariathordia:'s Educated Doll by AriaThordia
Technique/Walkthrough: "I first decided to make her hair bluish black, and for that I chose again that glass-style shading I mostly do since I know how XD. I added that double headband with that purple tone, and then thought of the right detail color. Purple fits great to green so I added the lil one wing on it. I wanted something fresh for her so clothes so I went with a airy dress and some sandals. But I didn't want the dress to look too plain, so I made those two knots. Of course I changed the breast part of the base :giggle: I wanted them bigger XD (as always you could say) Then I made the lil crystal on her shoulder and the crystal-ball she is holding. After I had all those things done, as well as the shading under hair and stuff, I thought there is still something missing, so I decided to add a little glitter to the dress..."
:iconlunar-hibiki:'s ::Verena the Lava Dragon:: by Lunar-Hibiki
Technique/Walkthrough: "I'm a pretty simple shader, I don't use that many colors to shade... Close to cell-shading I guess, which is what I did when I first started dolling, but I'm slowly starting to use more colors. I'd definitely consider myself on the "simple" side of everyone selected to play around with this base. w@; I really prefer MSpaint to Photoshop for dolls, there's just something about the control of the curve tool that you can get just the right curve. Most of the time, at least, haha~

And studying from life really does help you get those folds and shadows and body types and oh man. Even after just a semester of Life Drawing, I feel like I've got a better grasp of it all, though not perfectly, but I feel like drawing from real life can really help with everything you do. Even dolling. EVEN if you draw/doll in a cartoon or anime style, real life is super helpful for everything!
:iconchuuuuuuuu:'s feel my gun by chuuuuuuuu
Technique/Walkthrough: "Process: Took me a few days to actually decide what I wanted to do, so I decided to finish coloring in one of the bases. Even when I finished, I still had no clue. Continued to browse dA like a madwoman.

Then I was inspired by technology and Wii/XBox/PS2 gijinkas so I took my own spin and just scratched out the consolation game idea.

Threw out the first base I colored, and took another one. Altered the legs and arms around. Edited her right hand a bit. Did some lines for her outfit, got stuck so I totally reworked the face. Made her eyes more smaller and more Asian-looking, gave her plumper lips, redid her eyebrows and added a pixel to make her nose just slighter bigger. Went back to lines, finished it, started coloring. Got fed up with some lines I made, redid it. Must've done the bodice like five times. Redid an arm accessory. I kind of procrastinated on her weapon since it was difficult and weapons are not my specialty. Perspective-wise, not the best, but I tried. Finally got around to finishing it... I also like destroyed her feet. Shrunk them so small compared to the original base, so of course proportion is off at the feet, but I wanted it like that.


After I finally got the whole outfit colored in and finished, I played around with the colors (contemplating black and white, and then blue, red and lime green for whatever's blue ^). Took me forever to choose, and then just decided blue since it was my first choice. Used a  different skin palette since I wanted a more pinkish skin tone.

And then done. Whew~ I think my lighting source got lost along the way though...

I edited the crap out of the base, done a pixel that is semi-close to mecha, went through a lot of greats and bads and worse, and just had a heck of time pixeling. I put a lot of effort into this doll, so I hope you all enjoy it. :33

Quite honestly, I don't pay attention to techniques I use or plan what I will use and when. I pixel freely and nothing really goes through my mind, but anyway...

-Avoided dithering like I thought it would kill me. Since it was technology-inspired, I wanted to make the lines smooth and look like metal/glass or some-sort.
-Used straight lines to give it that sort of look, light reflection, shines, etc.
-I redid a lot of things I didn't like. Looked up references to help me get most angles/shading right.
-For base edits, specifically the face, I just removed the original facials, recolored the face, and then added my own facials to make it easier rather than going over what was already there.
-I had trouble doing the legs, so I actually started drawing her shoes than redrawing the base legs. It helps a lot also, even for coloring. Less surface area to color for the skin.
-Once I finished the doll, I did a shit-load of touch-ups. I shaded areas on the base around the outfit to make it more realistic than just clothes slapped onto the doll.
-TRIED REAL HARD to avoid clutter. I wanted to add wings, ears, and a tail, but I thought that they were going to kill it, so I just let it be.
SELF-CONTROL is key. :>
:iconlyricanna:'s SW3 Mitsugetsu Doll by Lyricanna
Technique/Walkthrough: SW3 Mitsugetsu Doll Walkthrough by Lyricanna
:iconmokia-sinhall:'s Mayan/Aztec Girl by mokia-sinhall
Technique/Walkthrough: Project Educate Your FACE - STEPS by mokia-sinhall
:iconmoonstonemarble:'s PE - Blue Riding Hood by MoonstoneMarble
Technique/Walkthrough: "One thing I do and really enjoy now is editing the face/head. I used to recolour the lips and give the doll eyeshadow or something similar, so it was really just Moe (from DHF - Doll on the Hill Factory) with different make-up. But now, I've discovered editing heads is a lot more fun than I originally thought.
When dolling something baseless, it's not that noticeable, but if you use a base, the difference between the original face and the edited one is really amusing to look at. :P

The technique I use involves the square brush, different levels of transparency and pen pressure. It's a really simple process, kind of like painting on a real canvas. This is the reason my dolls have that antique-of-sorts feel to them, as the brushstrokes remain visible.

Usually, I only work with a few colours [and the quite desaturated shades, for some reason] and I blend them with each other as I progress. It's a fun thing to do and it maintains the unity of the doll.

In this particular doll, I worked on the lightsource more than I usually do. It ended up looking interesting; at least the shadows doing it justice, unlike the design."
:iconfionacreates:'s Reev by FionaCreates
Technique/Walkthrough: Reev Step by Step by FionaCreates
"You might wonder why, despite reshading, and an ability to draw myself, I continue to occasionally delve into the realm of using bases. Here are some reasons.

a) Looking at fab poses is often the trigger for the idea. Here the decision to do this character came from the pose in the first place.
b) It's part of a community and exciting to see where different people can take the same starting point.
c) Sometimes I just want to draw pretty things without worrying about anatomy. A little lazy yes, but when it's 100% for fun? Who cares :D
:iconodyrah:'s PE Doll - Solarien by Odyrah
"Step 1: Redraw limbs and head, sketch only by paint brush tool.
Step 1 A) ody was being dolled, was going to be all skeletal but alas, I grew frustrated.
Step 2: Scrap Ody and begin Solarien.
Step 3: Ref pics of horsie legs for her lower limbs. She is shorter than the original base now. New head added.
Step 4: Sketch clothing via paint brush, no pixel for me, I paint over and my edges are never sharp so, no need.
Step 5: Sketch out clothing.
Step 6: Sketch out hair, ears and horn along with feathering on legs.
Step 7: Begin coloring in and then shading clothing on separate layer. Cheating for the win!
Step 8: Begin color lower legs, feathering included. Done about the same way I color hair. Left slightly flat tones due to the fact of going for a half hearted attempt at realism in that, she would end up dragging her fur on the ground, thus, it would never truly glossy.
Step 9: Color and shade hair on head.
Step 10: Color hooves and horn and ear tips.
Step 11: Begin coloring and shading skin. Face is done on same layer.
Step 12: View doll and grow pissed at myself because I suck at dolling on small bases and didn't listen to Duckie, Kitteh, Bree and Pyro about resizing the base.
Step 13: Combine the 4 layers I have (4 generally my max) and touch up all along the doll places I feel don't look quite right.
Step 14: Upload and mimic Duckie.
:iconpinlicous-bases:'s :thumb307909466:
Technique/Walkthrough: "1. Re-size the base
2. Sketch out possible ideas
3. Finalize final sketch
4. Outline everything in random colors to differentiate each item
5. Lay down base color ideas
6. Make up a palette of each color I use and add three shades for each
7. Shade with the first shade for basic shading, then further define other parts of the doll with the other two shades, and balance out everything with an outline.
8. Add some simple color fades to the dress as well as the top of the head and the legs covered by the dress.
9. Make the background transparent and crop.
:iconelevera:'s + Education is Key + by Elevera
Technique/Walkthrough: "I used light sourcing coming off of the blue flames, as well as making most of the lighting in shades of blue (as well as some green) to make the picture blend together. I decided not to use lines to try and give it a more eerie look. I resized the original base along the lines of ten different times until I was happy with the size, bending the arms and hands until I got the correct proportions that I wanted for the character I was dolling. I tried to limit my color use, using colors over and over in different pallettes."
:iconshixam:'s Rainbow Dash by Shixam

Technique/Walkthrough: "First, pick a base. I chose a pose that originally had wings (we'll get back to those later), because it reminded me of Rainbow Dash and made me want to make a doll of her for the project.
Second, edit the base. When I edit I start by making a new layer and going over the outline of the base, making changes as I want/need to for the doll. Then I fill it all with one color, and for the first time I completely made the face myself. Usually I make marks on the face where the features already are, but this time I decided to see how well I could do without them.
Third, flatten the layers and give the fill everything with the correct flat color.
Fourth, make a new layer for a messy, barely understandable sketch of what I want to do.
Fifth, make another new layer for the final lines of the clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, anything I need.
Sixth, Flatten all current layers and then make another new one. Fill in everything with one flat color on the bottom layer. This is the layer that I did all the initial shading of the rainbow areas. They were all done originally in red. On the second layer, I made all the rainbows in flat colors, so I had some idea of how I wanted the final doll to look. Then, after I shaded each red area on the bottom layer, I went back over them in the correct rainbow color on the top layer.
Seventh, attempt to shade the wings, realize I have no idea what I'm doing or the motivation to even shade wings, flip a table, and then get rid of them. Then, crop everything so there's only about a pixel of room around the doll and call it done.
:iconpressurized:'s :thumb307843483:

Technique/Walkthrough: "one) choose the pose, i went for one with her leg kind of sticking out because I wanted a slit dress (yes, this is a slit dress - however, since everything is the same palette as the skin it's hard to tell)
two) flatten out the colors, sorry mariiii your shading is beautiful but..
three) make edits. mostly I filled out her waist a little and adjusted her chest, and then kind of tore off an arm and left a normal hanging one (on our right)
four) find a reference. FIND A REFERENCE PEOPLE OKAY - this is how. normally when i want to doll something i go to since they have most kinds of clothes there. then, find the image of the product/clothing you want to draw and paste it into ms paint. now save it as a 256 color bitmap since this flattens out the colors and just helps a whole dang lot. example: [link] (i always draw the basic hemline over it again it a bold bright color because that's what i have the most trouble with)
five) okay, shade. this is the part i wish i had the walkthrough saved for because i mostly wing it, but the ref helped.
six) okay, skirt done. wait i need a shirt. so i decided to turn it into a dress and used the top in the above link as an iffy ref.
seven) made the head a whole lot smaller. i don't normally keep the heads on bases - they should be, realistically, 1/7 the total body height though sometimes it looks odd on the doll, so i just make it that size then readjust to whatever looks best.
eight) face, i doodled a face on and then went back and refined it. i always completely shade the body and the face before i do the hair because i'm a weirdo.
nine) hair. first i was like "ohey i should make this like snow white" so i did a dark palette and that looked AWFUL and i thought it would be neat to use the skin i did.
ten) mk add loose strands because this matters.
eleven) so the feet, i realized, were totally out of proportion with the doll and realistically you wouldn't be able to see them at all so i cut them off - thank goodness since they were being a trouble
twelve) the dress color was really pretty, but nothing else was that color and it looked out of place so i changed it. the red dress is linked below, i like how the shading looks on it better but the doll doesn't seem to agree.
thirteen) and about 2 hours of worktime later (i spend about 2-4 hours on the average doll and this is like miniscule to some people) i am done!
:iconthethirdact:'s Project Educate Zzzzzzombie by TheThirdAct
Technique/Walkthrough: Project Educate Progression by TheThirdAct
"1. Choose a base.
2. White it out.
3. Give her a new face and start some body edits. I changed her hand because the pose was too proper for a zombie.
4. Draw on some clothes, basic lines. Majority of my body edits are done in the clothes-drawing stage.
5. Place the colors. Opted for subdued palette with this.
6. Shade them clothes.
7. Shade that skin. (cover most of that with blood anyway)
8. Attack her face with wounds. I did her hair very simply, since it isn't the focus.
9. Finish up the blood and chew her leg.
:icontheultimateangel:'s The night by TheULTImateAngel
Technique/Walkthrough: "I wanted to doll something Fantasy like with a little futuristic touch  in it, this is the result of several hours of work, with patience , music and motivation as help. She is what you would call a tomb robber, or tresure hunter, in the doll, i wanted to show her love for jewelry, for wich i put a crown/tiara in her head and she has a ruby pendant in her hand, probably snatched away in her latest job. I also wanted her to look innocent, so it hides what she really is, a thief, i wanted her appeareance to be decieving, sweet on the outside, rough on the inside.

Now for the details:

:bulletred: For the hair I wanted something flowy and colorful, so in the beginning it was plain purple. For my dolls, i like the palettes to be diverse, just shading purple with a darker purple doesn't cut it for me, so I took my time into making a good palette i liked. I mixed purple with violet, blue, and pink, and made a palette with violet and blue as the darker colors and pink as the color for the highlights. In total i used from 12 to 18 colors. As you can see if you zoom in, i used the dithering technique to make the gradient in the tips of the hair, using the same palette theme for the rest of the hair, but adding darker violet and blue to make it stand out more.

:bulletred: Since I wanted her to have a kind of futuristic style, I added a lot of details to the clothes, which you can see if you zoom in. The boots, gloves and ribbon have a small pattern each, as you can see in the ribbon. I made little stars and hearts as pattern, added a circle pattern on the boots and gloves and a little gold line on the hem of the shirt and panties, each in a color that matched the purple theme i had going on.

:bulletred: For the ribbon, I used a matching blue-ish purple, but as the shading got darker I made it violet. This way it compliments the rest of the picture and the overall purple theme it has. For the gloves I lowered the saturation of the purple and made a palette with it to match the rest of the colors. The armor on her chest and ankle I colored with a gray blue color, again, as to match the rest. I like my dolls to have a color harmony, so I normally use complimentary colors, which go well with each other. Sometimes I choose a non-complimentary just to make it stand out (if that's my intention), like in the highlights, for example. Finally, I used a light blue to color some details, like the shoe sole and the panties. I colored the shirt and boots white to give the picture a less dark feeling, and also so they could stand out before the other colors.

:bulletred: For the background, I used the dithering technique again to make a night sky, going from black to purple colors to match everything and give the feeling of a true night sky. I added stars that are just beginning to show with a lighter violet color. The sun, which is just retreating into the darkness, was done with a palette of purple and warm colors, such as yellow, gold and orange. I mixed them and made a palette complimentary to the rest of the picture,  so you can see it gives off a little warm feeling. Finally I added a background in black, a mountain with trees, a wolf, bushes and some birds flying for a while before retreating into their homes.

:bulletred: For the edits of this base, I could have done more, but I liked the pose as it was. Her hands were in the perfect position to hold some items, and that worked well with me since I wanted her to hold a pendant and a fan, which has the same pattern as the rest of her clothes. I edited the eyes, but it's barely noticeable. Since the original eyes were so beautiful, I just changed their color as the one I desired and added some eyelashes and blush on her cheeks to add for her "innocent" look.

:bulletred: To finish the doll, I added a little pattern-like frame on the outside edges of the background picture in pink, plus some sparkles to the jewelry in white. All in all this doll took me:
-Sketch: About and hour and a half, since I changed things until I was satisfied with it.
-Lineart: About 3~4 hours.
-Colours: A whole day (from 8 to 10 hours). I wanted to have every little detail in place, so I took my time with each section of the doll, specially the hair, wich was, in truth, the most difficult part for me.

:bulletblue:Tricks/Techniques I used: Dithering technique for BG and gradients on the hair, lowering saturation on some colors to make a matching palette, lowering the opacity of some details so they merged well with the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this doll as much as i enjoyed making it.
:icontoxickiba:'s StoneCold by ToxicKiba
Technique/Walkthrough: Stone Steps by ToxicKiba
:iconwish04:'s Glitter me silly by wish04

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mariiiis-dolls Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's great to see how many people participated :)! And how different each doll is in it's own unique way. And the walkthroughs really show how dollers work, and that dolling is not a quick and lazy kind of art :) Very well done, guys! *claps*
Pinlicous-Bases Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was definitely awesome to be included in this! <3
Odyrah Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
The epicness calls for this to become a yearly tradition!
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
mariiiis-dolls Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That'd be great :) Or we should revive an old project (dunno how it was called exactly) where everyone was using a base which was put together (dolls where holding their hands with each other). Or the dollmaker started by Lola I guess? Everyone could make a piece for it to have some kind of a collab dollmaker :)
Sorry for the long comment...I have too much free time right now XD....
Odyrah Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
I am all for this! Small bases and I aren't the best of friends but the practice it gives me and with community collabs to add to that, and the whole educating our public to what we're doing...

I love the dollmaker idea!!
pressurized Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love love love!
tenko72 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Great idea.
Riksie-Dixie Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say that seeing all of these awesome pieces makes me want to do something more... well, out of my comfort zone. @_@ Not that it's bad, of course. The article (or journal?) is awfully encouraging. :)
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, ooh, you definitely should! A few years ago I just got so bored of dolling. It wasn't fun anymore.

Then i started messing around with different palettes, and it completely resparked my whole dolling groove ;u; It was this doll that did it [link] and omg ;u; it was the greatest thing ever :heart:
Riksie-Dixie Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see your point because that's actually how I feel right now. ^^; I want to be able to enjoy myself a little bit.

That's one of the many things I should work on; I'm still horrible with palettes. ^^;
FionaCreates Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
to paraphrase Neil Gaiman, if you don't know what you're doing, you're doing something right.

Try to do things you've got an idea for but you're not sure if you're 'good enough' or you're not sure how you're going to do it, but you're going to do it anyway. That's the most fun and makes the best work. If you know how you're going to do it exactly you leave no room to experiment and grow.
Riksie-Dixie Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply!

I really appreciate the advice! I'll definitely try to use it to the best of my ability! Again, thank you so much!
pygmynoodles Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Student General Artist
/misses dolling with all my heart
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*wiggly fingers*
pygmynoodles Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Student General Artist
I will not give in. >:U
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, this is amazing!! I loved seeing all the different dolls people made!!! <3333
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
;-; ikr isn't it amazing? I got all teary-eyed ;u;
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, it was absolutely wonderful <333
Icecradle Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
love love love the variety here. awesome project!
aerieyena Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is so epic! I love seeing everything together like this. <3
Banished-Dreams Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Everyone's dolls look great! This was a great idea. :)
grangerpixel Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amagaaaaaw all of those beautiful dollsss ;n; my does not compare to the beauty aaaagalslaaaaaa!
Amela-xD Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dolling is hard and takes a lot of time... a lot... u.u
Awesome dolls. ;w;
TheThirdAct Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
:iconclapplz: :iconbravoplz:
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I keep reading doller as dollar :XD:
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Dolluhhhh :icondollarplz:
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Professional
Mariiii-sama is right c: Dolling is a very hard and tedious process that most think is very simple. But it's actually very hard - I mean, pixel by pixel - you've got to have patience, skill, vision, and creativity! (Not to mention all the stuff that gets in the way along the making process!)
I'm loving these segments c:
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