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PE - Interview with Metroid-Tamer

Tue Jun 12, 2012, 6:19 PM
:thumb296384317:RoD: Child of Fire by Metroid-TamerSamus and the Baby by Metroid-Tamer

First of all, how long have you been dolling? What got you into it?

I've been dolling for about eight years. My initial interest in pixel art came about when I was a child. Specifically, it was Super Metroid that rose my interest in pixel art. When I was fourteen I discovered some pixel art on dA that led me to ~angychan's "Yumestudio" site where I discovered dolling. I was blown away. I couldn't believe that dolling existed and it really changed my view further. It was at that point I decided to take up dolling as a hobby. I've enjoyed myself since.

What did you think of dolling before you learned more about it?

It was amazing and intimidating to me. I think intimidation was the bigger of the two feelings because, at the time, my skill was so far below. I remember how I thought it looked easy only to find out that no, no it's not. I still thought it was one of the most amazing things I had seen though and couldn't understand why dolls weren't more recognized. Sure, it's not the most amazing of digital art, but dolling still requires a lot of skill and patience like any other art. I actually still feel the same way today.

What's the hardest part of dolling? What do you find most fun?

For me it's really clothing that's the hardest. Loose or wrinkled clothing to be exact. I have my hits and misses, but overall I find myself asking for critique and pointers on folds and wrinkles the most. Shading is my other issue that kinda ties for most difficult, though I am learning (slowly). As for the easiest/most fun, it's a tie between making edits to bases and dolling hair. I find dolling hair to be fun because I have a few techniques and each one is a challenge to figure out with different hairstyles. Making small edits to faces or base bodies is pretty fun for me too as it gives me the satisfaction of being able make the end result look more unique.

What's the most confusing thing about the dolling world?

There is nothing at this point, but in the past I was confused about tooled dolls. I was confused on how they were considered dolls since I thought dolling was pixel art only. I think I closer equated it to the typical digital art up until someone explained it was just another style of doll.

What type/style of dolls inspire you the most?

Honestly, I'm easily inspired by any kind of pixel doll, no matter the style or specifics. I tend to lean a lot towards dolls with a lot of color that use different colors for shading (IE: Purple being used to shade red).

Do you create bases, or do you mostly make dolls?

I do both but doll a lot more. I'm still working on my basic skills which is why I lean most towards dolls and not bases. I also suppose it's because I have more fun dolling than I do making a base.

What's your stance on "traced bases"?

To be blunt and honest: I don't really mind them at all. I can't for the life of me understand why they're such a big deal that we have two factions (anti and pro) constantly warring about them. Everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes traced bases are just easier to use. The only thing I don't support about traced bases is when people trace another artist's work without permission/without giving proper credit. Otherwise I say live and let live. I have seen some great edits to traced bases, so it's not like they're the most evil thing out there. They're relatively helpful in my opinion.

Do you participate in contests or pageants? Why not?

Oh, no. Definitely not. I enjoy seeing them, but I don't enter. I always feel intimidated by pageants and contests. I feel like my skill can never come anywhere near close to some of the amazing entries I tend to see. I'm not bad, but I just don't feel like I'm at the right level yet. Perhaps one day though I will participate in a pageant/contest.

If you could tell someone who doesn't know anything about dolling *one thing* to help educate them about it, what would you say?

That it's not all that different from dressing a Barbie doll. All you're doing is adding a desired outfit/hairstyle/etc to the body. ...So many people I know who had no idea what dolling was always got the wrong idea of hat I was doing. That seemed to be the most helpful way to put it. XD;

What would you like to tell beginner dollers out there?

Take your time and don't let yourself be discouraged if the result isn't what you expected. Taking your time on even the simplest things, like cleaning your lines or working on the color palettes will benefit your doll. I also understand that a lot of people feel down in the dumps when their doll doesn't turn out right. I've been there many times and I want to say: don't give up. You will improve if you try. Look at a few tutorials and try some new techniques/styles/etc. Don't be afraid to ask for critique either. <3

What was the most challenging doll you've ever made?

Teacher and Student by Metroid-Tamer

That's a bit difficult as I've had quite a number of those, but I believe this one takes the cake. I had to really work on fitting all the details in there. The colors were also something of a challenge because Gandrayda's organs and skeleton lie beneath transparent skin which was... not very clear in herreference. The space being chibi didn't help much in fitting everythingin. Other than that it was challenging to get their heads right (which to me the absolute longest to do odd enough).

Finally, which dolls of yours are you most proud of?

Na'vi OC by Metroid-Tamer.:Gift-Art:. Queen Zelda by Metroid-Tamer

Oh man, I'm proud of many of my dolls, and honestly I can't choose just one. There are two that I am proud of right now, even if they're older works. These were big achievements for me when I made them. Each one was an experiment on something and a major improvement in some way. The end results were great and well received as well, adding to why I'm proud of them.

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I agree, I really love reading these! It shows that the really talented people are in fact people!
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It's enjoyable reading these interviews, since there are some dollers I'd love to sit down and talk to. And that fire-child at the top is absolutely amazing!!
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