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PE - Resource Round Up

Thu Jun 14, 2012, 6:54 PM
One very important aspect of dolling is resources! Half of dolling is resources itself - the base. However, we won't focus on bases in this article. Instead, here's a big variety of tutorials and resources for dollers to learn from. Everyone's technique is different, and every style is unique. But many people are happy to offer their help and show people how they get that certain effect! Whenever you're struggling to get something just right, these tutorials can be a life-saver. Also if you're starting out, they can show you some very helpful techniques that can get you going in the right direction!

Floam's Dolling Meme - Blank by Afloam :bulletpink: Dolling Meme by leichan :bulletpink: Dolling Meme! by IridescentStardust

Program-Specific and Getting Started

How to doll: colour change. by laurenkuki :bulletpink: dolling the right way by Tori001 :bulletpink: Not a Tutorial - MS Paint by Soob :bulletpink: 8 Quick Tricks in MSPaint by MicrosuedeMouse :bulletpink: Creating a dithered gradient by mariiiis-dolls



Gradients in MSPaint by SasoriDanna94
MSPaint Tutorial by xSIRENx
Stripes in MSPaint by Banished-Dreams
Complete Doll in MSPaint by Zemael
Spray Can Shading by S-Nova
MSPaint Rainbow Lineart by S-Nova
MSPaint Colors by S-Nova
MSPaint Gradients by S-Nova
MSpaint Coloring Lineart by S-Nova
Clean Lines by S-Nova
MSPaint Tricks by Slaywolf
Saving in MSPaint by rancake
MSPaint Color Replace by BLKMKT-ARCHIVE
Opening your Base in MSPaint by IridescentStardust

Pixel Art & Dolling
Getting Started with Pixel Art by ValaSedai
Spriting and Pixel Art by Ankaraven
Organizing a Pageant by XMarleauxX

Other Programs
Animations by LunarLotis
Kisekae Set Systems by aerendyll
Create a Palette with Photoshop by LieutenantDeath


24 Pixel Patterns by pyokola-digital :bulletpink: Pixel Floral-Swirl Lace Pack by Mirz123 :bulletpink: Paint Files: Leopard Spots by S-Nova :bulletpink: lace tutorial by batty-mcbats :bulletpink: Basic Patterns by Mistress-Jaeden


Pixel Patterns by pyokola-digital
Gothic Lace by mirz333
Lace by Mirz123
Heart Patterns by Mirz123
Lace by Gasara
Stripe Patterns by pressurized
Leopard Print by IridescentStardust
Making Plaid by IridescentStardust

Palettes & Help Using Colors

Unified Color Palette Tutorial by Cpresti :bulletpink: Mini-Tut: Colors by K3nel1OS :bulletpink: Composing Palettes 1 : DRAFT by LadyHazy :bulletpink: Color References 5 by UltimeciaFFB :bulletpink: TOYellowsAndOrange_Palette by apple-stocks


Palettes with a hint of Purple by Elevera
RandomPalettes by K3nel1OS
Various Palettes by Afloam
RagnarokOnlinePalettes by DeathButterfly
Various Palettes by anarie
Various Palettes by Wooded-Wolf
Hair Palettes by EvilZipper
Soft Palettes by VanillaKnight
Various Palettes by apple-stocks
Color Sets by AmyJonz
Ka-Kind's Color Sets by Ka-Kind
Animeinspired Palettes by grangerpixel

Skin Palettes
Skin Tone Palettes by Icecradle
Skin Tone Palettes by blood-cocoa
Skin Tone Palettes by theRainbowOverlord
Skin Tone Palettes by mariiiis-dolls
Skin Tone Palettes by tenchibaka

Color Building
Creating Palettes by 3o2
Adding Contrast by ninique
Palette Blending by isoldel
How to Create Palettes by beblue
Creating a Palette by Kiwinuptuo
Choosing the Right Yellows by IridescentStardust

Creating Bases and Editing Bases

Basing Without Tracing by kawaiihannah :bulletpink: How To: Pixel Heads by SpyderBryte :bulletpink: not-so-tutorial: base edit by grangerpixel :bulletpink: :bulletpink: Pixelling Stubble by LieutenantSheesha


Face Edits
Lip Detail by syxi
Closed Eyes by mariiiis-dolls
Eye Make-up by valokilljoy
Shading Eyes by CommanderPigg
Lipstick by IridescentStardust
Facial Hair by LieutenantSheesha

Creating Bases
Chibi Base Walkthrough by Sesshoumaru-lover
Make a Base Using References by scenefag
Make a Base Using References by FionaCreates
Make a Base Using References by pixel-whore
Make a Base Using References by FionaCreates
Make a Base from Scratch by FionaCreates
Make a Base from Scratch by unlikely-kisses
Make a Base from Scratch by wish04

Body Edits
Reshading A Base by Angelic-Sakuras
Redrawing a Base by TheDarknessWolf
Reshading a Base by Youkai-Dumatra
Scars by S-Nova
Genderbending A Base by IridescentStardust
Resizing a Base by IridescentStardust


Simple Shirt Tutorial by AmberNicole92 :bulletpink: Dolling Tut: Dress by Angelic-Sakuras :bulletpink: JEANS YO by TheThirdAct :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Dresses and Skirts
Skirts by laisdossin
Ruffles by ImHisEternalAngel
Skirts by Slykark
Dresses by Banished-Dreams
Dresses by Kellysdollbases

Pants and Shorts
Jeans by TheThirdAct
Pants by xMina-chan
Jeans by Icecradle

T-shirts by scenefag
Shirts by pressurized
Shirt by Banished-Dreams
Shirt by Slykark
Shirts by emytee
Skin-tight Shirts by Kitsune-Notunai
Shirt by xMina-chan
White Shirt by TheThirdAct
Shirts by SmiteTheeWithApples

Misc and Tips
Corsets by atacuivel
Skirt with a Pattern by bytesizetreasure
Reflective Clothing by tenchibaka
Transparent Clothing by Kitsune-Notunai
Shoes by Icecradle
Clothing by RazzPixel
Shoes by SmiteTheeWithApples

Accessories and Details

Glitter tutorial by snap-hiss :bulletpink: Details Tutorial by beblue :bulletpink: Pixel Fur tutorial by faustbane :bulletpink: How to do coloured sunglasses by Kitsune-Notunai :bulletpink:


Fixing Awkward Clothing by snap-hiss
Heels by snap-hiss
Sparkling Jewelry by snap-hiss
Shiny Fairy Wings by mariiiis-dolls
T-shirt Graphics by scenefag
Feathers by Angelblackroses
Wings by Mistress-Jaeden
Jewelry by Eliea
Face Metal by IridescentStardust

Effects and Backgrounds

:thumb203459613: :bulletpink: Starfield Tutorial by Scar-eye :bulletpink: Background Elements Tutorial by Mysticara :bulletpink: Sparkles and Glitter Tutorial by batty-mcbats :bulletpink: Velvet by snap-hiss


Tree by Kiwinuptuo
Blood Splatters by Grypwolf
Mountains by S-Nova
Explosions by Gamedragon89
Smoke by siriuslylostwerewolf
Water by Tsubasa-pixel

Techniques and Tips

DITHERING TUTORIAL - Basics by kitted :bulletpink: Dithering Tutorial by beblue :bulletpink: Anti-Aliasing Tutorial by BluE3 :bulletpink: Pixel Blending + Shading Tips by BluE3 :bulletpink: Light Sourcing Reference Guide Part 1 by Breebles


Anti Aliasing by firstfear
Dithering by mokia-sinhall
Anti Aliasing by KrissPixel
Dithering by Sinister-Starfeesh
Anti-Aliasing and Dithering Styles by Kiwinuptuo
Shading Styles by mariiiis-dolls
Things to Avoid by xMina-chan
Hair Tips and Common Mistakes by Channini
Hair Do's and Don'ts by emytee


make it floofy. .::a hair tutorial::. by valokilljoy :bulletpink: Hair Tutorial by TiffyInaBox :bulletpink: 050310 hairstyle by elliekun :bulletpink: .:Tool Shaded Doll - Hair:. by FionaCreates :bulletpink: multicoloredhairtutorialofdoom by valokilljoy


Braided Hair by SpyderBryte
Tooled Hair by PhoeC
Mohawks by MissRoxieGraves
Tooled Up-do Hair by Angelic-Sakuras
Dreadlocks by scenefag
Dreadlocks by FreezerPop

Male Hair by teardrop246
Male Hair by Icecradle
Hair by Rin-shi
Detailed Hair Shading by beblue
Short Hair by theRainbowOverlord
Short Hair by constantlychanging
Realistic Hair by Rami-crazyfox
Outlineless Hair by DeathButterfly

Straight Hair by alamodepixels
Shiny Hair by ShouriMajo
Long Hair by Banished-Dreams
Straight Hair by Banished-Dreams
Long Hair by xMina-chan
Long Hair by Icecradle
Simple Hair by Sissy-Baby
Shiny Hair by theRainbowOverlord
Small-Doll Hair by thegoldenalchemist

Wavy and Curly
Tooled Wavy Hair by Odyrah
Curly and Wavy Hair by LieutenantSheesha
Wavy Hair by bunnystick
Wavy Hair by mouldyCat
Curly Hair by Petalwhisker
Curly Hair by Icecradle
Shiny Hair by elliekun
Wavy Hair by Icecradle
Shiny Hair by Just-A-Breathmint

Tricks and Detail
Multi-colored Hair by scenefag
Sparkly Hair by theRainbowOverlord
Loose Strands by Kechake
Hair on Small Dolls by pressurized
Hair Outlines by Kitsune-Notunai
Various Hairstyles by konfusion-with-a-k
Shading Styles by emytee
Glass-Style Shading by mariiiis-dolls
Glass-Style Shading by trixychuu
Small-Doll Hair by Youkai-Dumatra
Multicolor Hair Blending by IridescentStardust

Start To Finish Dolls

Tutorial: Pixel Art by Amela-xD :bulletpink: Fairy dressed in Water Step  by Step by FionaCreates :bulletpink: MDE2012 - Miss UK WIPs by Icecradle :bulletpink: Dolling...For Beginners by Katty-Pixels :bulletpink: :thumb303437114:


Spriting Tutorial by The-Godlings-Rapture
Tooled Doll by FionaCreates
Couple Doll by MissRoxieGraves
Pageant Doll by Icecradle
Baseless Group Doll by Icecradle
Baseless Sprite by ShinySeabass
Entering Pageants by FionaCreates
Small Doll by VanillaKnight
Baseless Small Doll by Gurinn
Small Doll by kawaiihannah
Baseless Detailed Portrait by bunnystick
Baseless Doll by Kiwinuptuo
Tooled Doll by caitlincaitiecait

Other wonderful links!

Useful Tutorials List by base-o-holic
Xandorra's Tutorials
Mark's Pixel Shading Tutorial
Derek Yu's Sprite Tutorial

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